This puppy contract is to be read
entirely by all customers and
note that your deposit is your
agreement to this contract, a
signature will not be necessary .
Deposits are none refundable
and can be placed on another
puppy on
bandtcaninecorral.com website.
A fee to hold a puppy for weeks
after puppy is ready to go will be
at new owners expense . We
reserve the right to refuse our
services to anyone we deem not
a responsible dog owner.
Puppy Purchase Contract
Reg #______________________________
Name of Puppy_____________________________D.O.B______________
Male______Female______Description____________________________ _
B & T Canine Corral
Richard Tyree & Sandra Bond
18801 Lewis Rd,Wanette OK 74878
www.bandtcaninecorral.com    bandtcaninecorral@yahoo.com
B and T Canine Corral guarantees this puppy to be in good health for 1 year after purchase. B and T
recommends you take your new puppy to vet within 48 hours (2 business days) to get a health check
up. If Vet finds anything serious, genetic or congenital, that would cause death or limited life
expectancy, Band T will refund the purchase price of the puppy or a replacement of your choice
within that 48 hrs. In this case your must have the vet write a letter ,signed,with evidence of puppies
illness. The puppy must be returned to B and T Immediately at new owners expense, if shipped to
another state new owner must make arrangements to send puppy back at there own expense and
consult b and t of time of booking and arrival. When puppies are sold and must be shipped , at time
of deposit new owners agree to terms of this contract verbally and are advised to make sure and go
over puppy contract page on our website bandtcaninecorral.com because the deposit is the
agreement with b and t canine corrals terms, a signature will not be required nor will a puppy contract
be sent with puppy to new home.Deposits are Non refundable and shipping cost are also non
refundable. B and T will not be responsible for any vet bills buyer that may incur, change of mind,
landlord/spouse/parents disapproval/allergy/accidents or injury to puppy after puppy has left our
property.After 2 days of your new ownership to 1 yr a replacement of your choice will be offered if
sudden death occurs due to genetic health defect such as heart or congenital defect, that is not
associated with the breeds genetic faults. Signed letter from two vets on cause of death is a must.B
and T Canine Corral is ,Oklahoma,and Akc inspected, also a vet comes to our kennel and checks
each puppy's and adults regularly and if a puppy is shipped another full health check is done at vets
office. Shots and dewormings will be up to date ,5 in 1 shots at 4,6,9,12wks,dewormings
(pyrantel/Fenbendazole)every 2 wks since birth,Giardia prevention  and 1 day Marquis for coccidia
prevention accompanies the puppies deworming procedures starting at 6 wks. Puppies are born with
worms and we must dewormed monthly for there health. Your new puppies food is also very important
to remain the same as im feeding . I prefer Royal Canine Medium Breed Puppy But Due to Covid Its
been impossible to get so ive changed to Purina Puppy Chow, if you don’t you will have diarrhea and
stomach problems due to changing food. You must understand that when you take your new puppy
home, especially if it has to be shipped there is a lot of stress on your new baby. The puppy just got
its mother taken away 2 wks ago and now all its siblings, they will cry and be scared/shy for the first
two weeks. Sometimes a upset stomach ,like a child ,causes loose stools, and stress may cause
coccidia to develop. If this happens you should be treat with Marquis ,it is best, so your new puppy
doesn’t dehydrate. Sometimes the puppy will drink too fast and get water into the lungs and cause a
cough, vets call it aspirated pneumonia, give it a 2 days and it goes away.When you take your new
puppy out or to the vet don’t let the puppy out of crate ,or keep in your arms, Parvo is very
dangerous to this new baby until 16 wks old (shots are not fool proof).So  Don’t take this puppy
anywhere there is a chance of contacting Parvo. You are not covered in this one year contract
against Parvo, its your responsibility to keep this puppy safe and sound . We Carefully screen and
check genetics of our breeding stock before we breed to stop any problems and insure the AKC
healthy breed standards. Sometimes certain breeds will have predisposed problems like your snub
nosed breeds,(breathing problems, small tracia) This causes the breed to get colds very easily .
Large breeds like German Shepherds having Hip Dysphlasia when they get old. I can not warrant
against these problems , but I do not breed any dog I know of with problems. I sell all my Puppies with
full Registration, and feel strongly that if you pay for a dog from B and T Canine Corral you should be
able to breed if you choose. We feel we have the best job in the world being able to bring to love and
joy of a new puppy into your family. Feel free to call me with any questions or concerns  
Purchase Price______________Card Charge_______Sales Tax______=                                         
Deposit Payed_________________________________Signature_________________________