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Why Buy My Puppy From A
Oklahoma Professional
We are proud to be a breeder in Oklahoma!Our state has the
highest standards in Inspections, Rules , Regulations,and Animal
Care Regulations in the entire United States.These regulation
standards are strictly enforced so Oklahoma State licensed
breeders are educated in there profession and no sub standard
breeders or (puppy mills) tolerated.
Heres just a few reasons our puppy's are the best in the nation.
  • USDA Licensed and Inspected minimum of twice a yr.
  • Licensed and Inspected by the Oklahoma State Board of
    Commercial Pet Breeders yearly.
  • AKC Inspections at least once a year.
  • AKC DNA testing done on my puppy's and adults to insure
    bloodlines pure.
  • Monthly puppy inspection on every puppy at our facility by
    licensed Veterinarian.
  • Puppy's get parvo shots and 5in1 combo shots at 4,6,9
    &12wks of age also coccidia/giardia prevention.
  • Free Royal Canine sample bag of food,shot record,and also
    crate(when shipped)
  • 15 yrs of experience in animal husbandry/breeding and much
    experienced in shipping air and ground.
  • Health Insurance through ,Pet Assurance, available for
    unforeseen vet bills from 500 to 1000 will be reimbursed to
    you .
  • 1 Yr Puppy Guarantee  (must take your pet to vet within 48
    hours of purchase or next business day)
  • Every puppy will be microchiped and enrolled in Pet Key for
    the life of your dog,no yearly dues.(includes pet finder alerts,
    and Dog Star Training DVD, and 1 800 number for problem
    training) a 199.00 value/free with every dog.
  • Adults are on the premises to see ,so you can witness how
    they are raised, the more than adequate space for
    running/exercise for the adults and puppy's that will support
    there healthy bone and joint health.
  • All adult dogs and puppies are well socialized with adults
    teenagers and kids.(we also have kids day every Saturday
    for children to come out and just play with the pups,
    supervised of course)