Puppy Payment
Have you decided which beautiful puppy you would like to have for your
The next step is to contact me by text or email first, then call or text me
at  my cell(405 323-3211)
I will need a email with your name, address ,phone numbers,and also
major airport near you if puppy needs to be shipped.Due to Covid most
of the time we have to ground ship

I accept credit cards ,debit cards over the phone ,Paypal, Cash
App,Venmo, FB Messenger,
.you can make deposits to hold puppy or pay in full,
My Email Is

I have to have at least a deposit to hold a puppy,half is normal ,but you
can discuss that with me when you call
Deposits are non refundable,if you are not able to get the puppy you
chose your deposit will go toward another from next litter of your choice

Sandra Bond
B & T Canine Corral
18901 lewis rd
Wanette.OK 74878

Also microchipping will be mandatory,all puppy's will be chipped and it
will be up to the new owner to register the chip with a database, i prefer
the AKC reunite program that is 15.99 for the lifetime of your pet. At the
time you register your pup you can register microchip at same time or
wait for akc to send you an offer in mail.
I cant send pictures of my pups,
pedigrees due to some people
taking my pics and making ads for
pups for sale and scamming
people...and unless special
arrangements are made , we wont
be available Sundays..
Thank You!