Just so you know
we are a family run kennel,and we Are not home all the
time....ive got kids and 9 grand babys and still counting
and i wont be here if you dont call first..and unless Ive
made a special arrangement am
CLOSED Sundays.
Text 405 323-3211 or leave message if i dont
answer..sometimes my hands are full and i can call you
right back.....or i my be in the metal barn and cell service
is not able to get out ..And when you come out here at&t
or Cricket is the only phone thats gets service way out
here ..So call before you leave the town of Lexington
when headed this way
you can put the address in a gps or map west
18801 lewis rd
Lexington,OK 74878
or print off this page and take with you!
First find i 35,head towards Purcell OK,thats just south
of Norman 15 miles,or south of Oklahoma city 45 miles.
Then take one of the two exits off the interstate,exit 95 if
your coming from Norman area or exit 91 if your coming
from the south,pauls Vally direction.
Take the road east of the interstate,green street,all the
way to the intersection where there is a wall greens
pharmacy and carls Jr ....
Turn and head east,that will say hwy 39
you need to stay on hwy 39 for 10 miles,make sure
when you cross the long bridge that goes over the
Canadian river,that you stay to the right because the
road forks after the bridge! Stay on hwy 39 till you come
to rd180
at rd 180 , turn right and head south for 1 mile to the first
paved road that turns to your left.
Turn left on lewis rd and go a little over 1/2 mile to 18801
lewis rd,it will be on your left or north side of the
road.there you'll see a mailbox with sunflowers and a
barn on it, that is my house 18901 Lewis Rd  .The
Kennel is entered at the white cattle guard 18801 Lewis
Rd then  go around the pond and you'll see a house to
your left and the dogs to your right,dont go to  house if
you dont see my vehicle parked at the kennel barn.Go
Back to paved rd and go to my house with the three
dormer windows on top.You are not allowed in kennel
fence unless im there. and we do have dogs patrolling
area , if you get out of your vehicle you will probably get